INNOVATION FUND : The first Water Horizon s project

The Water Horizon Project

Water Horizon is commissionning its first industrial thermal battery !

This battery will provide renewable heat and cold free of greenhouse gases (GHG). The project aims to recover waste heat from the Toulouse incinerator (France), by transporting it to the A. Jany sports complex.

In addition to its capacity to store and transport heat, the battery can transform it into cold and thus, address the two uses of the sports complex : heating the swimming pool and cooling the ice rink.

Water Horizon will thus deliver 4 GWh of heat and 2 GWh of cold per year, representing a saving of 13,600 tonnes of CO2 over ten years, thanks to zero-emission vehicles.

An innovative and circular solution

Industrial waste heat is an important source of energy that is barely exploited. One of the main challenges in large-scale heat recovery concerns the connection and storage of energy between the heat producer and the thermal energy consumer.

Thanks to the development of its battery, Water Horizon will be able to provide a solution to this challenge. Water Horizon can store and transport thermal energy from the heat producer to the thermal energy consumer of a distance going up to 50km.

The Water Horizon solution ensures constant availability of thermal energy due to its long-term storage capacities. In addition, thanks to its business model : the Cooling as a Service (CaaS), Water Horizon takes care of everything ! : We are in charge of the entire process (installations maintenance, project management, etc.) and thus, we guarantee an uninterrupted supply of thermal energy to our customers, without disrupting their activities and at a fixed cost.

A project that can be replicated in almost all sectors

The Water Horizon battery is not only a symbol of energy efficiency. It also represents the flexibility and adaptability of the solution with its ability to adapt to our customers’ energy demand. Indeed, thanks to intelligent regulation, it adjusts its operation in relation to the required power.

Additionally, the battery offers thermal versatility, being able to deliver temperatures ranging from -10°C to 80°C and recover heat up to 200°C ; thus meeting the unique requirements of each project.

Therefore, with its standardized, flexible and adaptable battery, Water Horizon is paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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